How do I use Deuce Drone?

Deuce Drone has developed consumer and retailer facing apps that can be downloaded from the App store of your Apple®, Android®, or similar mobile device. In addition, you can also access our services at www.deucedrone.com

How do you ensure the food stays warm/cold?

Deuce Drone's service works closely with our retail partners to minimize the time from food ready to drone loading. A typical flight will take 5 to 10 minutes, ensuring your food is still fresh when it arrives.

Further, we continually check our packaging designs and conduct testing to understand the temperature changes possible during transport.

Why do we need a QR code mat?

While GPS and our navigation systems are very accurate, the QR code is recognized by the drone's sensor system as a means to verify the correct delivery location down to a few inches. It also provides an important safety function by visually distinguishing the landing area, so the customer remains clear of the drone’s landing point.

What are the FAA regulations?

Part 135 is an Air Carrier Certification, similar to the regulations for FedEx, that ensures a company meets and maintains the requirements for safe operation. While drone activity is typically controlled under Part 107, the Air Carrier certification grants us increased authority as it pertains to delivering goods to consumers across the United States.

What if the weather is bad?

Deuce Drone’s software will access weather information and sync with the mobile app to time orders during poor flight conditions to ensure safe operations and quality delivery of your order. During flight, if the weather escalates to an unsafe level, the drone will be programmed to return to a DronePort® or, if necessary, it will self-land.

Who loads the drone?

During initial operations, an hourly Deuce Drone employee will load the drone. In future operations the package will be moved automatically from the retail floor to the external DronePort where it will be automatically attached to the drone.