Auto Package Handling

Our automated package handling, drone handoff, and drone delivery logistics system begins with setting up our drone port system. This package handling system takes the sold product conveniently from the retailer counter to the exterior of the facility where the drone will receive the package and deliver to customers with the push of a button from the retail team member. There are no additional touches between the retailer and their customer to ensure delivery quality and maintain low labor cost.

Our Drones

Our drones are equipped for autonomous package delivery. We are constantly adopting new technology to maximize payload and efficiency. At Deuce Drone, safety is Paramount! Every drone is equipped with extra safety features and redundancy. The drones also have an onboard parachute for an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. Through a regional command center, we monitor and manage all our drone’s performance status, location, and local weather conditions to ensure the utmost in safety, delivery quality, and public privacy.

Detect and Avoid

We are developing an Intelligent collision avoidance system that will allow our drones to sense and detect obstacles, make rapid real-time decisions, and determine the safest course of action to avoid collisions for the safety of anyone or anything in the vicinity of our drones. This safety feature enables us to do wide range of advanced operations, including Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight.

Autonomous Navigation

Our advanced autonomous software will allow our drones to fly anywhere within their assigned regional area for a delivery with no human intervention. The intelligent autopilot system and sensor fusion on our drones provide precise localization and path planning. Our on-board software is integrated with our fleet management command center which allows us to monitor, and control our entire fleet of drones.

Precision Landing

Once our drones have arrived at their desired destination they have the capability of verifying safe landing and land accurately. On completion of the landing protocol the auto package handling process is initiated. We are constantly working on implementing new technologies to precisely land in any urban and rural environment.

Mobile Apps

Our customer interface application will allow customers to order directly from Deuce Drone, track the status of order real time, and manage delivery preference's and subscriptions.